Dexter Braff Speaking at UCAOA in May

Join us at UCAOA April 30 – May 3 in National Harbor. Dexter Braff, Pat Clifford and Karen Boze will be at Booth 419.

Dexter Braff will speak Monday, May 1 at 4:45 PM regarding:
What 90% of Sellers Get Wrong in M&A And How It Thoroughly Undermines a Transaction.

In urgent care mergers and acquisitions, there’s lots of ways a deal can go off the rails.
But there is one particular mistake, one misread of the market above all others, which ignites a chain reaction of other miscues that can turn a perfectly good deal into a perfectly wasted opportunity.
This presentation reveals this remarkably common miscalculation, and sets the record straight. More importantly though, it will show how getting it right can send you along an entirely different M&A path.

UCAOA Urgent Care Convention & Expo


If you are interested in scheduling a meeting with Dexter or Pat, please contact Karen Boze.