We continue to strive each day to build upon a legacy of excellence, success, and ethics. Unlike numerous advisors that work many sides of a deal, we are sell-side representatives only. We never offer services that create conflicts of interest. In order to generate more fees, many brokers and investment banks will work many sides of the negotiating table. Sure, they represent sellers.   But they also represent buyers. The same buyers – and former clients – that may ultimately be interested in buying your company.   Some take fees for arranging the financing for a deal – fees that are only due if “their” buyer closes a transaction.  Others write fairness opinions, consult, structure bankruptcies, serve as expert witnesses, and more. All beneficial services. But when provided by the same firm, they become fertile ground for conflicts of interest that can influence an advisor’s recommendations – and undermine the confidence a client places in them. So, at The Braff Group, we are sell-side representatives only. We never take fees from buyers, lenders, or other outside parties. In the short run, we may lose out on some opportunities. But it’s the long view that best serves our clients – and us.  TRUSTWORTHY DEALMAKING INT EGRITY