At The Braff Group, we pride ourselves in challenging the status quo, always seeking innovative strategies to give our clients an extra edge. We work as hard to develop back-up buyers as we do to uncover the lead acquirer. This enables us to retain negotiating leverage through- out the process. And, should the lead buyer stumble, we can bring in a secondary buyer quickly and seamlessly. Drawing from behavioral economics, we often deploy what we call “Anchor Pricing,” a strategy that “anchors” a negotiation to our clients’ goals and objectives – and draws out the best pricing from a buyer. We frequently deploy “pricing collars” that weaken the incentive buyers have in due diligence to manufacture an earnings shortfall and extract pricing concessions. And, unlike the typical investment bank, we don’t accept Expressions of Interest (EOIs) as a “preliminary” indication of “value.” We eliminate this step and go straight to fully vetted, fully informed Letters of Intent (LOIs) that are far more credible and far more useful in developing negotiating strategies. CREATIVE DEALMAKING We never forget that every client, company, and trans- action is unique, demanding fresh thinking for each engagement. We know a lot. But so do you. That’s why we collaborate with our clients and their advisors to find inventive solutions to complex problems. RESOU RCEFUL