It’s knowing an industry as only a specialist can; most importantly the sector-specific trends and developments that impact value. It’s about: Intelligent Dealmaking is all of this and more – the tangible and intangible elements that make the difference between a good deal and a great one. The Braff Group difference. What is Intelligent Dealmaking? Above all else, we value integrity. Our clients come first. Period. WE SERVE: • Behavioral Health • Home Health and Hospice • Pharmacy Services • Urgent Care • Health Care Information Technology • Health Care Staffing • Home Medical Equipment • Ancillary Health Care • • • • • • Developing proprietary valuation, transaction, and performance databases that give rise to proprietary insights. Committing to sell-side only mergers and acquisitions representation to steer clear of conflicts of interest. Challenging assumptions, scrutinizing the status quo, and never taking shortcuts. Seeking out creative solutions to complex problems. Collaborating with our clients and their trusted advisors to pinpoint the best time to sell to maximize value and meet other personal goals and objectives. Building a track record of success.