UNIQUE At The Braff Group, we immerse ourselves in health care services. Our Managing Directors devote all their energies to a single sector. They know the ever-changing utilization trends, reimbursement climate, health care policy initiatives, financial and operating characteristics, and consolidation strategies that influence who’s buying, why, where, and for how much in your unique space. Working with industry thought leaders, leading providers, the investment community, regulatory and legislative advocates, and other interested parties, our Managing Directors not only know where the market is today, but where it is likely headed in the future. This kind of insight enables our clients to confidently pinpoint the right deal, at the right time, at the best price. FOCUSED DEALMAKING We bridge the gap between brokers that are often little more than finders and investment bankers that can’t afford to focus on narrow health care service niches. We provide our clients with the most informed, value enhancing, market specific, and experience driven strategies.