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Health Care M&A: Concerns, Impact, and Possibilities

Join Dexter as he speaks on a panel with Shahid Shah and Gariha Chaudy discussing mergers and acquisitions in Digital Health. From deal activity, to what we've seen to date, to where we expect to see more action, you won't want to miss these lessons around when a transaction occurs.

Increasing your agency’s value at NAHC’s FMC

The hospice mergers & acquisition market has been at an all-time high for the past 18-24 months, but some sellers seem to enjoy a higher valuation than others. ​​​​​​​Why? There are many reasons, beyond just size, why some agencies are worth more in the eyes of a buyer.

marketWATCH: The Digital Health Entrepreneurs’ Dilemma: Surviving the Valley of Death

Time and again, digital health entrepreneurs find themselves at a crossroads in their evolution. A period where, just when they have iterated and tweaked their product to the point that they have a proven solution, they run out of money to ramp up marketing and implementations.