One of the most valuable services we can offer is to help business owners and executives determine the ideal time to consider a divestiture.  Accordingly, there’s good reason to begin a dialogue with The Braff Group long before you consider going to market.

We can keep you informed of the always evolving, sector-specific strategies buyers are pursuing regarding service and payor mix, clinical protocols, operations, contracting, and more to ensure that you are in synch with go-forward value drivers versus those of the past.

We can discuss performance metrics and trends to identify strengths, and, more importantly, to uncover weaknesses that can be improved to enhance value.

We can keep you informed of industry-specific and macroeconomic conditions that portend changes in acquisition supply, demand, financing, and ultimately valuation.

And we can do all of the above within the context of a seller’s unique business and personal goals.

Through such regular pre-transaction exchanges, our clients can confidently make timing decisions that maximize value – and minimize the painful “could’ve, should’ves.”

And we do this all at no cost to you.