Unlike other investment bankers and brokers, The Braff Group does not represent buyers.  We do not raise debt. We don’t structure bankruptcies, write fairness opinions, or serve as expert witnesses.  We don’t offer consulting on a fee basis.

These services distract from our focus.  And they can create conflicts of interest.

We are sell-side representatives only.  We provide an array of transaction advisory services including representation, divestiture strategy, equity recapitalizations, and valuation.


Timelines are extremely variable.

The Braff Group has completed transactions in 90 days to substantially longer than a year, largely dependent on the goals and objectives of sellers, attractiveness of the candidate, market conditions, and buyer timing. The following timeline therefore is only a general guideline.

The Braff Group has compiled the most sought after, and extensive database of public – and private – health care service transactions.  Having catalogued more than 5,000 deals, no one can provide you with more accurate and timely insights regarding valuation and deal trends,  so our clients can make the most informed divestiture decisions.

The Braff Group has compiled the most sought after, and extensive database of public – and private – health care service transactions available. Having catalogued more than 5,000 deals, when it comes to valuation, no one can provide you with more accurate and timely insights. The data enables us to identify trends in company specific and collective buying patterns, acquisition supply and demand, private equity participation, and more.

Our clients benefit from not only knowing where the market is today, but where it is likely headed in the future, so that they can confidently make the most informed divestiture decisions.

Since our inception, we have captured and analyzed financial and operating data for every client we have represented, providing us with a rich resource of performance benchmarks for the sectors we cover.   This enables us to quickly identify our clients’ strengths potential areas of exposure and recommend market positioning, operating, and timing strategies that reflect these findings.  It also helps us identify reporting problems that can artificially depress income – and value.
Our offering memorandums are developed not only to promote value, but to insulate our clients from reductions in price later on.  They are not over-written with generic detail that merely distracts and frustrates buyers.  We zero in on the financial, reimbursement, operating, marketing, clinical, and outcomes data that drive value in your markets.  This generates offers that are not only better informed and specific, but are also far less subject to arbitrary adjustments prior to close.
One of the most significant challenges a seller faces is that once a tentative deal is struck, buyers require that sellers “stand-still” while they invest the resources necessary bring an offer to close.  In so doing, negotiation leverage begins to shift to the buyer. To combat this, one of our primary strategies is to develop multiple “Plan B” back-up buyers with fully realized proposals.  With viable alternatives in place, our clients preserve negotiating leverage throughout a transaction.  And if the primary buyer stumbles, a secondary buyer can be brought into the process quickly, with minimal loss of time.
As the leader in the sectors we cover, private equity looks to The Braff Group to find the best investment opportunities.  We have developed relationships with hundreds of PE groups specifically interested in health care services.  No broker or investment banking firm has closed more transactions with PE groups in the sectors we cover than The Braff Group.