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TCIV: M&A Firm ‘Extremely Bullish’ on Deals in 2021

While buyers likely will be viewing the marketplace through the lens of the COVID-19 pandemic until the midpoint of the year, a confluence of factors has the Braff Group, the mergers and acquisitions firm that specializes in healthcare services, feeling bullish about market activity in 2021, president...

Learn the state of Autism M&A at AIS

In this session, we take a deep dive into our proprietary database of Autism transactions in order to see how the market has shifted over time.

BRAFF GROUP to Present Autism M&A and Business Valuation at CASP 2020

Last year, we explained why autism service providers have become the darlings of the investment community. This year, we update the data, the trends, and what it all means if you are a potential buyer, seller, or a long term “holder” that must play in an evolving marketplace.

BRAFF at TCIV – The Deals, The Data, What it All Means

Dexter Braff is speaking regarding Substance Use Disorder M&A: The Deals, The Data, and What It All Means at the 2019 TCIV Conference in Scottsdale AZ. In this session, participants will take a deep dive into the most recent trends in merger and acquisition (M&A) activity in the substance use disorder (SUD) market.

Where Is Competition from New I/DD Investors and New Technology Coming From?

The I/DD market is ready for consolidation, according to a blog posted by Arlington Heritage Group. Companies with large capital and advanced technology are showing keen interest in this sector. Data from The Braff Group shows private equity interest in this space is also rising ever since firms started making deals in 2015.

The Braff Group Attending APBA 2019 Conference

Intelligent Dealmaking® is knowing the Autism Services industry as only a specialist can; most importantly the specific trends and developments that impact value. That’s why The Braff Group has closed more Autism Services transactions than any other intermediary. In Autism Services, we know the variables—and how to communicate them—to capture and emphasize our Clients’ Value Proposition.

Court Finds What You Already Knew: Insurers Are Fighting Parity

In what will likely go down as a landmark decision that will ripple throughout the insurance and behavioral health industry, "a federal judge in Northern California ruled that a unit of UnitedHealth Group, the giant health insurer, had created internal policies aimed at effectively discriminating against patients with mental health and substance abuse disorders to save money.”

The Evolving Landscape of Substance Use Disorder Mergers and Acquisitions

The market for Substance Use Disorder treatment facilities still remains very active, but buyers are starting to explore other options. In a report published by Vista Research Group, Dexter Braff explores market trends in behavioral health, noting that buyers are pivoting in other directions like non-residential counseling programs and medication-assisted treatment programs.