SUD Deal Outlook is as ‘Bright as it Has Ever Been’

While deal activity varied by quarter last year, the space saw 51 deals overall in 2020. That’s just two fewer than the 53 transactions it posted in 2019, according to The Braff Group. And currently, the outlook for SUD M&A is “about as bright as it has ever been,” according to Dexter Braff, president of the M&A advisory firm.

Focus on Quality in Value-Based Care Could Impact Hospice M&A

“To stay successful and really be effective at managing your revenue cycle management, it’s getting more sophisticated than it used to be for hospice providers. There’s going to be various iterations of programs coming up and policies that are going to require different payers, and you’ve got to be able to partner with those different payers,” Kulik told Hospice News. “That is something that’s going to be new for hospice providers — that sophistication level.”