Proprietary Valuation Database The Braff Group has compiled the most sought-after and extensive database of public – and private – health care service transactions. Having catalogued more than 5,000 deals, no one can provide you with more accurate and timely insights regarding valuation and deal trends so our clients can make the most informed divestiture decisions. Benchmarks That Inform  Since our inception, we have captured and analyzed financial and operating data for every client we have represented, providing us with a rich resource of performance benchmarks. This enables us to quickly hone in on our clients’ strengths and potential areas of exposure and recommend strategies to further develop or mitigate these findings. Offering Memorandums That Enhance and Protect Value Our offering memorandums are developed not only to promote value, but to insulate our clients from reductions in price later on. They are not over-written with generic detail that merely distracts and frustrates buyers. We zero in on the financial, reimbursement, operating, marketing, clinical, and outcomes data that drive value in your markets. This generates offers that are not only better informed and specific, but are also far less subject to arbitrary adjustments prior to close. Data-Driven DEALMAKING Our proprietary data enables us to spot trends early on, which enables our clients to pinpoint the best time to sell for the best value. Insights We meld a deep understanding of health care finance, sector specific insights, and mergers and acquisitions to create offering memorandums that both inform and promote value.