We know that for our clients to be truly confident that they have made the best decision, they must be equally confident that all their options – including not selling at all – have been fully explored. Unless circumstances dictate otherwise, we don’t limit our search to a handful of “serial” buyers. They may have a track record, but that doesn’t mean they are the best buyer for your company when you go to market. If a lead buyer emerges quickly, rather than turn all of our attention there, our first instinct is to rapidly and aggressively develop other options to provide better context to evaluate a proposal and back-up opportunities, should the lead buyer stumble. We steer clear of “pre-emptive” offers. Seductive as they may be, they “shut down” the market prematurely, sacrificing negotiating “leverage.” And counterintuitively, they often take longer to close. We are thoughtful advocates. PATIENT DEALMAKING The best results come from never taking shortcuts and from exploring every option, from being thoughtful advocates – the very DNA of The Braff Group. PEACE OF MIND If we don’t think a deal is right for you, we’ll tell you.... and continue working with you until we do.