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  • Snapchat’s Valuation is Madness.  There, We Said It.

Snapchat’s Valuation is Madness*. There, We Said It.

So how do you take a company that began as a sexting app and is now loved for plastering dog faces over selfies, whose very existence depends upon an extraordinarily fickle, teenager-fueled market – a company that lost more than $500M on sales of just $400M –

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If We Performed as Well as Snapchat’s Bankers, You’d Sue Us

This post will disappear in 10 seconds. Read fast. Imagine this scenario: You hire an investment banker to represent you in the sale of your company. She finds a group of angels and negotiates a deal for a tidy $50 million – a bit higher than the upper end of her expectations.

We’re Exhibiting at the 7th Annual APBA Convention

Join us at the 7th Annual APBA Convention March 23 - 25 in New Orleans. Nancy Weisling and Deirdre Stewart will be at Booth 49. Let's talk about updates in the marketplace, what is happening in your area, and The Braff Group's Decision Sphere Construct - as it moves towards the bullseye, your company moves closer to the [...]

Don’t Miss Our Poster Presentation at the iaedp 2017 Symposium

Join us at the iaedp Symposium March 23 - 26 in Las Vegas. Ted Jordan and Karen Cullen will be at Booth 19. Ted Jordan will present on Thursday, March 23 at 8:30 AM regarding: Eating Disorder Providers in Health Care Mergers and Acquisitions - Why It's a Hot Commodity and Why You Should Care Eating disorder providers are suddenly in [...]

Dexter Braff Speaking at The Pediatric Urgent Care Conference

Join us at PUCC March 29-31 in New Orleans. Dexter Braff, Pat Clifford and Karen Boze will be at Booth 19. Dexter Braff will speak at the Lunch and Learn on Thursday, March 30 at 12:30 regarding: Why the Mergers & Acquisitions Demand for Pediatric Urgent Care is Poised to Grow (up). Since 2010, at least [...]

  • Is Revenue the Equivalent of Full Frontal Exposure

Is Revenue the M&A Equivalent of Full-Frontal Exposure?

Now that we’ve got your attention…In a 1964 ruling on obscenity, Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart famously quipped that while it may be difficult to define what’s obscene, “I know it when I see it.” Well, the same can be said of revenue recognition (how’s that for a segue?).

  • sherlock holmes laptop computer silhouette

No Wit, Sherlock

We’ve all seen those brilliant pronouncements. You know, the ones that seem like they could come from Neil deGrasse Tyson, only to realize that they just as easily could have come from Mike Tyson – with a mouthful of ear.

Atlanta Center for Eating Disorders has been Acquired by Walden Behavioral Care

Walden Behavioral Care, LLC, which provides a full system of specialized care for individuals and families impacted by all types of eating disorders, announced the acquisition of the Atlanta Center for Eating Disorders (ACE) of Dunwoody, Ga. The Braff Group originated the transaction and served as the exclusive mergers and acquisitions advisor to Atlanta Center [...]

Recording Available – The Absolutely, Positively, No Doubt About It, Number One Reason Pharmacy Services Transactions Fail

The Absolutely, Positively, No Doubt About It, Number One Reason RX Service Deals Fail Dexter Braff recently presented on the number one reason pharmacy services deals fall through. If you're curious as to why and how you can prevent it from happening when you're ready to test the market, the recording is available for viewing. [...]

Recent Transaction: Celtic Healthcare of Maryland, Inc. acquired

Celtic Healthcare of Maryland, Inc., a home health firm based in Rockville, MD, has been acquired.  The Braff Group provided exclusive merger and acquisition advisory services to Celtic. Completed Transactions For more details, please contact Home Health and Hospice Managing Director Mark Kulik: Mark Kulik Managing Director Phone: 888-922-1838 Email: