Our services cover the entire life-cycle of a transaction – from helping our clients pinpoint the best strategically informed time to contemplate a sale, all the way through the receipt of wire transfers at closing.

Unlike other intermediaries that take a sequential approach toward representation, passing deals from specialist to specialist as it moves from origination, to development, to valuation, pricing, buyer selection, solicitation, and finally negotiation and closing, our Managing Directors are with you every step of the way. They take the lead in every phase of the transaction, insuring that every critical detail, communication, or intangible nuance is identified and controlled along the way.

In so doing, we protect the internal, strategic integrity of the process – one that is specifically designed for each client based upon their business attributes and their unique needs and circumstances.

And one more thing.

We are patient advocates. We don’t take shortcuts.

We don’t artificially triage and prioritize buyers prior to going to market. We steer clear of pre-emptive offers because they rarely surface the best opportunity – and always eliminate the leverage necessary to close a deal at the original price and terms. And if we believe that a client would be better served if they delayed going to market, we will not hesitate to offer this recommendation.