The State of Autism Mergers & Acquisition: The Deals, The Data, & Implications for Buyers & Sellers

Tuesday, February 11 | The London West Hollywood | 8:30 AM MST

In this session, we take a deep dive into our proprietary database of Autism transactions in order to see how the market has shifted over time. What’s hot, what’s not, what’s next, and why? Where valuations are heading. New strategies that are gaining traction. How the capital markets have fed the autism frenzy, and where they may be headed. What we can infer for the future based upon consolidation patterns we have seen in the past. And ultimately, how all of this may inform the near to mid-term strategies of buyers and sellers and how they position themselves to create, or capture value.

Dexter Braff


Ted Jordan, MBA

Managing Director

Nancy Weisling

Managing Director

Steve Garbon

Director of Finance

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